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Smartphones even on the toilet?

Most people do not even go to the toilet without their smartphone, but how do other people think about it? And this is actually harmful? It seems to be a common behavior, because what the newspaper was earlier is the phone today. People surf the web, like photos and posts on facebook and write with their friends via whatsapp, who are sitting at this moment in restaurant a few meters next to them. However, most people accept it, because it's better if you are busy with your phone when you're alone, instead of looking all the time on it, when you are with others. Sadly, it is not a rare picture anymore that several people sitting at a table and do not even talk, but looking on their smartphone all the time. But using the mobile phone in the toilet also brings some risks with it, because especially in public toilets, the germ load is very high. They can be easily transferred to the smartphone display, so you should clean it regularly. It's also possible that the smartphone can quickly fall into the toilet, especially when it is in the rear trouser pocket. This even happens quite often. A large number of smartphones submitted with water damage, shares allegedly exact that fate. So it is definitely more intelligent not to take the phone wherever you go.

7/5/16, 12:00 AM 

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