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Pokemon Go - the Arena Battles

Besides Pokéstops, arenas play an important role in Pokemon Go. The three factions red, yellow and blue compete against each other and fight for supremacy. Arenas can hardly be overlooked, because they are huge, tower-like structures. The arenas are marked in different colors - depending on which team the arena belongs to. They are therefore either red, blue or yellow - or colorless, such neutral arenas can be taken over without a fight. Once you reach level five as a trainer, you can choose one of three factions: red: Team Valor, blue: Team wisdom or yellow: Team intuition. When your friends also play Pokemon go, it would be wise to choose the same team, because you can also fight together. If you visit an arena that is owned by an opposing team, the opening screen of the Arena shows up various information. Above you can see the name of the arena and its prestige level. The higher-level an arena, the more pocket monsters can be accommodated there. Below the arena name the dots and the crown indicate how many Pokémon defend the arena. You can also see the Pokemon that are defending the arena and how high their competition points are. So if you have a strong Pokemon, you can challenge the arena. Each Pokemon that you defeat decreases the prestige level of the arena and when it is lowered to zero the arena is defeated and you can put your own Pokemon in the arena. You can also visit an arena of your own team and fight, but these are only for training. You can get experience points there and increase the prestige level, too.

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