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Google stopped Project Ara

A smartphone for self assembling, sustainable and flexible: that should be Project Ara. Now Google has stopped the acclaimed project prematurely - and missed an opportunity. The idea is still as simple as exciting: A smartphone as a kit, which can be extended and renewed depending on your preference. Individuality, flexibility, sustainability - these were three of the principles with which Google promoted its modular smartphone project ara . Three years ago, the company presented the project together with the former subsidiary Motorola for the first time.
The click-together device would revolutionize the smartphone design, reduce electronic waste and provide, among other people in developing countries a chance to get a discount and of their needs customized smartphone. The decision to stop the project came as a surprise. Even at this year's developer conference Google announced  to try to save the project through a complete reorientation after the planned launch in Puerto Rico did not materialize. Google wanted to adopt it by the basic principle: The central components such as the display shouldn't yet be interchangeable, but instead the device can only be extended, for example by a camera module, which can be put on the built-in camera. There were also well-founded doubts about the success of the project in the past two years. Apparently the interest were lower than expected and Google was lacking of partners. That Google completed individual projects, is not uncommon. Nevertheless, the end of Project Ara is a defeat for the company. With its resources and influence in the technology and smartphone industry Google would have been able to realize Project Ara.

9/9/16, 12:00 AM 

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